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The interaction of staff with young children is fundamental in providing them with the support they need to become confident individuals eager to explore and investigate their learning environment. Well-judged intervention by teachers, knowledgeable about each child and their stages of development, is critical in extending and enhancing learning. Teachers have a significant impact in supporting the development and learning of all children and, in particular, those who had additional support needs.

Communication and interaction is very important between staff and children. We aim to give the children a full day with interesting creative projects as well as the possibility to just sit and have calm moments whenever they feel the need. We encourage sharing and helping each other. We listen to the children and try to support the children in their need to express themselves.

We are always prepared to improve and learn more about the children we see each year. We are very happy to integrate children from all walks of life and our Inclusion policy expresses that. We welcome children with special needs to join in with all activities.

All projects and activities are based around the themes, giving the children a fantastic opportunity to stretch their imaginations and creative skills as well as learn the importance of how the world around them works today.



Preschool learning is the foundation for the formal education. It is important because it can give the child the edge in a competitive world and education climate. The skill and knowledge that the child develops during preschool years will have dramatic impact on child’s personality and have a far reaching effect ensuring success when formal schooling begins. Preschool learning doesn’t mean that the child will be put to a harsh routine like in a formal school. Instead, it allows a lot of flexibility to let the child grow and develop without any hindrances.

Our vision is to be the leader in providing the best care for infants in all domains of their development and nurture them in best possible ways. Known for our outstanding educational programs, we invest in building up community relationships and our talented team members put their best foot forward towards realizing the goals to ensure the well-being of children. We pride ourselves for providing a unique blend of fun and learning in  a safe nurturing environment. We protect, educate and nurture children in safe, stimulating and positive environment where they enjoy learning and are prepared for school and life.



I have the pleasure of welcoming you to Little Hands Playschool and Daycare Family. Little Hands explore the colours of life in a playful manner. We encourage the children to think, create and excel by providing their tender minds a fun filled environment.

We strive to create an environment that fosters learning, builds confidence, self-esteem, social skills and supports children’s overall individual needs. It is important, for the children who attend our program to have a place where they feel safe and secure. We view children as unique individuals and want to empower them by offering opportunities where they can make decisions and solve problems in their everyday lives.

Staff and parent interactions revolve around the concept of the child’s learning. It is the partnership and on-going communication between the parents and teachers which builds the foundation for a successful school experience. We highly encourage parent participation in our program.

"Every child should have some sort of group experience before he starts kindergarten," Your child will learn how to raise her hand, take turns, and share the teacher's attention. What's more, she'll learn how to separate from Mummy. All of this makes for an easier transition to kindergarten. "Kindergarten teachers will tell you, that the students who are ready to learn are those who come into school with good social and behavior-management skills."

A teacher’s role is simply to boost a child’s inborn desire to learn, and help child undergo as many experiences as possible.

We wish you and your child a very rewarding experience at Little Hands Playschool and Daycare, and look forward to have lots of fun, love and learning throughout the year.

With all my love and blessings to the lovely children.

Meet Our Staff






Littlehands Teachers

I would like to stop-by and congratulate Little hands to have wonderful teachers.
You all send a positive vibe while discussing child's routine @LHS to parents. We as a parent are satisfied, while Neil enjoy his rest of the day in your school.

Additionally, I would like to appreciate Sonam ma'am (Neil's current class teacher). We have noted a significant improvement on his part. Neil has also extended his likening thoughts about Ms.Sonam, to us (like she is very good, she plays with him, she helps him tie shoe laces, etc).

Quoting a quote, "Those who educate children well are more to be honored than parents".

- Praveen Yadav, Father of Neil in Daycare

Thanks Rashmi for suggesting Little Hands for my child. I am fully satisfied with staff and didi. This day care is completely secured for my child, which is most important for us... completely homely environment... my baby is very happy there.. thank you Megha Mam for listening to our concerns patiently....

Ruchika, Mother of Charvi in Daycare

It's a great learning place for a kid. Adequate personal attention is paid to every child which ensures proper grooming of the child coupled with a friendly staff.

Manisha Dahiya

Staff is very helpful and polite, they take good care of kids, their security and well-being. They are always aware and attentive about what your kid is doing, everyone keeps working without making much noise. Keep it up everyone especially the coordinator and teachers... Keep rocking. :)

Rahul Sharma, Father of Aarav Sharma

Extremely good with excellent staff . Very caring atmosphere. Nice school with all the latest facilities required for kids during their school time.

Sonia Yadav, Mother of Chavi

The staff is very competent, loving and caring, who treat each child as if their own. The Principal of school is so friendly and connects with each and every child of the daycare.

- Anajali Bisht

Little Hands Daycare have made returning to work seamless. I know that my child is safe, happy and learning every day. That is priceless.

- Pooja Bali: Mother of Akshita Bali (5 yrs)

I will continue with this daycare, even when i leave my job. My child has learned and gained a lot of confidence. Thanks to the staff.

-Meenakshi Gupta, Mother of 9 year old, Ishaan

My daughter is also going to the same daycare. The daycare is very well maintained, neat and clean. Food provided is hygienic and full of nutrition.

- Anajali Bisht

The children are happy. They enjoy playing, coloring, dancing, yoga and many more activities. Get Daily updates on meal, child activities and nap!

- Poonam Singh

The staff is very competent, loving and caring, who treat each child as if their own. The Principal of school is so friendly and connects with each and every child of the daycare.

- Piyush Sharma