Day Care

Our day care program is packed with a lot of fun activities.

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Our programs offer enriching learning opportunities in a fun environment for maturing school-age children. This includes before-school and after-school care, back-up or emergency care for school holidays and closings, and exciting summer holiday programs for children up to age 12.

Little Hands Daycare aspires to be more than a day-care. We believe in motivating a child through a consistent and stimulating input. We encourage this by hands on learning experiences - emotional, social and physical growth of each child. We provide a safe and trusting environment for our little explorers to explore. The curriculum provides the stimulation and excitement necessary for a happy, healthy, child to thrive.

In the daycare we take kids from 6 months onward

TIME : 8:00am -7.00pm

  • Pick up from bus stops
  • Help with home work
  • Enrollment in after school activities
  • Stage exposures for personality development
  • Lunch and evening meals
  • Transport Facility
  • Comfortable sleeping arrangement
  • Summer Camp during vacations
  • Doctor on call


• Skating • Football
• Dancing • Art and Craft
• Basket Ball • Celebrations
• Badminton • Yoga and much more..


  • Flexi Day-Care packages
  • Nanny services on holidays (we provide service for small durations on off days)
  • B’day parties (Flexi packages)
  • Space available for parties /workshops/seminars/camp

Our aim is to make parenting a carefree experience. Little Hands is like a large Indian home for children where there are many loving hands and many playmates in a calm, caring environment. We believe that childhood is a journey and ……
the journey begins with Love and Laughter.

Arrival Checklist

1 Diapers, Wet wipes, Rash Cream
2 3 Pair of Clothes & Under Garments
3 2 Milk Bottles, Formula Milk
4 Sipper, Moisturizer, Towel
5 All supplies in a Labeled Bag
6 Transport: Please make your child ready for pickup.
7 Please don’t engage the Teachers/Didi

Before Noon

After Noon

09:30 Arrival 1:30 – Lunch
09:30 – Outdoor Play And Activities 2:30 – 4:00 Nap Time & Getting Fresh
10:30 – Breakfast 04:30 – Evening Activities
11:00 – Rhymes & Puzzles 05:00 – Evening Snacks
11:30 – Activity of the Day 05.30-6.30 Free Play
12:00 – Getting Fresh & Relax 06:30 – Getting Ready/Dispersal

Departure Checklist

1 Check the Child
2 Check Belongings of your child.
3 Communicate any issues immediately to the Center Head only
4 Please Don’t engage the Teachers/Didi unnecessary

We make sure the kid is never short on the cuddles and hugs front. Because

  1. “We need 4 hugs a day for survival.
  2. We need 8 hugs a day for maintenance.
  3. We need 12 hugs a day for growth.

Healthy minds, healthy bodies, healthy appetites. Our approach to eating encompasses all three, with a combination of sociable mealtimes, balanced nutrition and freshly prepared menus.

Little Hands Sample Meal Plan
Date Morning Snacks Lunch Evening Snacks
1-Jul-16 Dal Parantha Idli Sambhar Namkeen Daliya
2-Jul-16 Sat/ Sun
4-Jul-16  Fruit Chaat AlooPoori ,Halwa Macaroni
5-Jul-16 Veg Poha Mix vegetable NutrellaPulao+Raita Uttapam
6-Jul-16 Ramzan-Id -ulFitar HOLIDAY
7-Jul-16 Bread Jam Rajma, Rice and Salad Custard
8-Jul-16 Macaroni Chole Kulche Bread Pizza
9-Jul-16 Sat/ Sun
11-Jul-16 Macaroni Stuffed Parantha, and Dahi Mayo Sandwich
12-Jul-16 Bread Butter Kala Channa , Rice and Salad Namkeen Vermi cilli
13-Jul-16 Custard Matar Paneer, Roti and Salad Sweet Daliya
14-Jul-16 Vegetable and peanut upma  Jeera Aloo, Roti, Dal and Salad Veg Poha
15-Jul-16 Besancheela Veg Noodles Bhelpuri
16-Jul-16 Sat/ Sun
18-Jul-16 Namkeen Daliya Channa Dal, Rice and Salad Bread Butter
19-Jul-16 Sweet Vermicilli Pav Bhaji Custard
20-Jul-16 Veg Poha Dal Makhni, Rice and Salad Namkeen Vermicilli
21-Jul-16 Macaroni Chole Kulche Uttapam
22-Jul-16 Veg Cutlets Aloo Matar, Roti and Salad Bread Pizza
23-Jul-16 Sat/ Sun
25-Jul-16 Uttapam Arabi and Mix Dal, Roti, Salad Veg Poha
26-Jul-16 Mayo Sandwich Chole Rice and Salad Sweet Vermicilli
27-Jul-16 Veg Tikki and Tang Mix Vegetable Nutrella Rice+Boondi Raita Macaroni
28-Jul-16 Namkeen Daliya Sambhar+Idli Bread Jam
29-Jul-16 Besan Cheela Paneer Bhurji, Roti and Dal Sweet Daliya
30-Jul-16 Sat/ Sun

You child will receive a daily feedback sheet outlining their day, these reports outline each child’s sleep, meals, nappy changes/ toileting, medical administration and activities they were involved in .

Little Hands Day Care - Holiday List

APRIL 2017 – MARCH 2018 Occasion Date Day
1 Good Friday 14th Apr 2017 Friday
2 May Day 1st May 2017 Monday
3 Id-ul -Fitar 26th Jun 2017 Monday
4 RakshaBandhan  7th Aug 2017  Monday
5 Janamashtami* 14th Aug 2017 Monday
6 Independence Day  15th Aug 2017 Tuesday
7 Dushera 30th Sep 2017 Saturday
8 Gandhi Jayanti 2nd Oct 2017  Monday
9 Karva chauth*  8th Oct 2017 Sunday
10 Christmas  25th Dec 2017 Monday
11 Republic Day 26th Jan 2018 Thrusday
12 Mahashivratri* 13th Feb 2018 Tuesday
13 Holi*  2nd Mar 2018 Friday



Holidays  Month and Date  Detail 
Summer Break  29th May 2017 till 2nd Jun 2017 Day Care
Diwali Break  18th Oct 2017  and 20th Oct 2017 Day Care
Winter Break   25th Dec 2017 till 1st Jan 2018  Day Care

*Actual Dates may vary based on Planetary Positions.

Meet Our Staff






Littlehands Teachers

I would like to stop-by and congratulate Little hands to have wonderful teachers.
You all send a positive vibe while discussing child's routine @LHS to parents. We as a parent are satisfied, while Neil enjoy his rest of the day in your school.

Additionally, I would like to appreciate Sonam ma'am (Neil's current class teacher). We have noted a significant improvement on his part. Neil has also extended his likening thoughts about Ms.Sonam, to us (like she is very good, she plays with him, she helps him tie shoe laces, etc).

Quoting a quote, "Those who educate children well are more to be honored than parents".

- Praveen Yadav, Father of Neil in Daycare

Thanks Rashmi for suggesting Little Hands for my child. I am fully satisfied with staff and didi. This day care is completely secured for my child, which is most important for us... completely homely environment... my baby is very happy there.. thank you Megha Mam for listening to our concerns patiently....

Ruchika, Mother of Charvi in Daycare

It's a great learning place for a kid. Adequate personal attention is paid to every child which ensures proper grooming of the child coupled with a friendly staff.

Manisha Dahiya

Staff is very helpful and polite, they take good care of kids, their security and well-being. They are always aware and attentive about what your kid is doing, everyone keeps working without making much noise. Keep it up everyone especially the coordinator and teachers... Keep rocking. :)

Rahul Sharma, Father of Aarav Sharma

Extremely good with excellent staff . Very caring atmosphere. Nice school with all the latest facilities required for kids during their school time.

Sonia Yadav, Mother of Chavi

The staff is very competent, loving and caring, who treat each child as if their own. The Principal of school is so friendly and connects with each and every child of the daycare.

- Anajali Bisht

Little Hands Daycare have made returning to work seamless. I know that my child is safe, happy and learning every day. That is priceless.

- Pooja Bali: Mother of Akshita Bali (5 yrs)

I will continue with this daycare, even when i leave my job. My child has learned and gained a lot of confidence. Thanks to the staff.

-Meenakshi Gupta, Mother of 9 year old, Ishaan

My daughter is also going to the same daycare. The daycare is very well maintained, neat and clean. Food provided is hygienic and full of nutrition.

- Anajali Bisht

The children are happy. They enjoy playing, coloring, dancing, yoga and many more activities. Get Daily updates on meal, child activities and nap!

- Poonam Singh

The staff is very competent, loving and caring, who treat each child as if their own. The Principal of school is so friendly and connects with each and every child of the daycare.

- Piyush Sharma